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Saturday, July 6th 2019 | Praterinsel Munich

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Do you know what Flow feels like?

Being in Flow means to be present, powerful and focused. That’s what we want for all our participants. Have a look at our highlight film from last year and get an idea of what FlowFest feels like.

Understand the connections and transform yourself

Biohacking is a comprehensive approach to the optimization of body and mind through an unprecedented combination of new technologies, evolutionary concepts and the systematic investigation of biological connections and correlations.

What to expect at FlowFest 2019

After the phenomenal success of our first two editions in 2017 and 2018, a third FlowFest will take place in 2019. Like last year, the event will be hosted in Munich – with its easy access to nature, fresh air and rural charm, the Bavarian capital presents itself as an ideal place for a wonderfully educational, interactive and inspiring event. 


Learn from some of the world’s thought leading experts about the influence of light, water and magnetism on our body and minds. We will also cover areas such as nutrition, psychology, recovery, and sleep.


Participate in one of our many hands-on workshops and learn how to slackline, properly walk barefoot, do breathwork, meditate or just relax in the sun with like-minded peers. Don’t worry, there will be plenty opportunity to rest and recharge.


Get to know inspiring people from different corners of the world. In fact, we have an amazing track record of connecting and bringing people together at FlowFest. We believe in the energy coming from amazing people dreaming together.

Our speaker line-up at FlowFest 2019

Dr. Jack Kruse

Neurosurgeon, mitohacker, book author, and founding father of the Quantum Health Movement.

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

Biological dentist and founder of DNA Health & Aesthetics.

Lars Amend

Bestselling book author, motivational speaker, storyteller and podcast host.

Patrick Meinart

Sports Scientist & Psychologist, Sports Physiotherapist, Founder of RELEASE FITNESS

Alexander wunsch

Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Doctor, researcher and consultant in light biology, photobiology and quantum physics.

Kasper van der Meulen

Cold thermogenesis expert, author of Mindlift, Wim-Hof-Method instructor

Mattias Ribbing

Grandmaster of Memory, entrepreneur and bestselling book author.

Dr. Simone Koch

Berlin-based doctor specializing on autoimmune diseases.

There are more speakers coming! As soon as their participation is confirmed, we will list them here.
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Dr. Jack Kruse has an announcement…

Prater Island – a unique location in the heart of Bavaria’s capital

FlowFest 2019 will take place on the historical Prater Island. The former vinegar and liquor factory, which is located by the shores of the Isar river in the heart of Munich, has proven itself as an ideal venue for our FlowFest.

The „Arrival Dinner“ will lay the grounds for a phenomenal weekend

We will again head into the weekend this year with our „Arrival Dinner“ powered by KTC Lab. This will provide a great setting for speakers, experts, VIP ticket holders, sponsors and the team to get to know each other while dining some of Munich’s best foods. 

Want to be part of the „Arrival Dinner“? Secure one of our limited VIP tickets to mingle with speakers and sponsors one day before the main event.

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We want to guarantee that every participant will experience a unique event. Therefore, tickets this year are limited and we will only sell 600 of them. The early bird catches the worm, so don’t wait and get your ticket now!

We offer three different ticket categories according to your needs.


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  • Admission to the Main Event on Saturday, July 6th 2019
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FlowFest Ticket
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  • Biohacking Lunch at the Main Event
  • Access to all video recordings of Flowfest 2019


FlowFest Ticket
  • Admission to the "Arrival Dinner" powered by KTC Lab on Friday, July 5th 2019
  • Admission to the Main Event on Saturday, July 6th 2019
  • Admission to the FlowFest Brunch on Sunday, July 7th 2019
  • VIP-Goodiebag
  • Biohacking Lunch at the Main Event
  • Access to all video recordings of Flowfest 2019
  • Admission to the VIP Lounge

Go for Flow!

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